Vacancy: Policy Officer for Migration and Refugees (Closed)

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Jordan is looking for a Policy Officer for Migration and Refugees. Deadline for submission of applications is Monday 18 November, 2019 at 5 PM.

General features of the job

  • The Policy Officer is responsible for keeping on top of developments and priorities in the broader field of migration (legal and irregular migration, highly skilled migration, refugees, academia, return, humanitarian programmes a.o.)
  • The Policy Officer is responsible for co-shaping, giving advice about, designing, implementing and monitoring Dutch policy objectives regarding the above mentioned topics in Jordan.
  • The Policy Officer coordinates with other donors, (I)NGOs and UN agencies and represents the Embassy in relevant meetings.
  • The Policy Officer remains in close contact with relevant directorates within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DSH, DAM, BMB and others) and other relevant ministries in The Hague.
  • The Policy Officer assists the Management Team in all tasks relating to these topics.

Duties and result areas


  • The Policy Officer is the embassy’s focal point and is primarily responsible for policy-issues in the fields of migration and refugees (see under general features). Examples of such issues include local migration policy, refugee resettlement, humanitarian aid, social protection, labour mobility and refugee scholarship schemes.
  • He/she writes reports and cables analysing developments related to migration and refugees, and thereby proposing innovative approaches and taking long term perspectives.
  • The Policy Officer is responsible for programme management and administering all or parts of the project cycle related to projects in the fields of migration and refugees, depending on the centralised or delegated nature of the Dutch MFA project funds.
  • He/she represents the Netherlands in donor coordination- and relevant EU-meetings in Jordan and reports back in writing to relevant colleagues in The Hague, at the embassy, and, if relevant, embassies in the region.
  • The Policy Officer will maintain close contact with authorities, embassies, local and international organisations, experts and other relevant stakeholders.
  • The Policy Officer reports directly to the Deputy Head of Mission. He/she will keep policy- and project-colleagues horizontally updated in policy-staff meetings.

Result areas:

Policy: Adequate input for Ministry’s policy function

  • Keep relevant departments at the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Justice & Security in The Hague updated on the latest migration- and refugee-related political and other developments, including changes in legislation.
  • Provide relevant up-to-date information upon request from the Ministries as well as pro-actively on own initiative.
  • Provide input for migration- and refugee-related debates in NL, as well as - upon request from the Ministry - in Jordan.
  • Contribute to policy exchange inside and outside the embassy, including by organising related events and missions.

Programmes: Effective and correct implementation of relevant programmes for Jordan

  • Provide adequate input to the Ministry for the formulation of migration- and refugee-related programmes and projects.
  • Take care of relevant project management per project, by continuously overseeing the projects and assisting in obtaining agreed monitoring & evaluation data (centrally financed projects), or by managing the whole project cycle (projects financed from delegated funds), in cooperation with the Controller and Project Administration Officer.
  • Support the programme manager of the PROSPECTS/ Strategic Partnership by providing policy advice and project support for activities in the fields of migration and refugees.

External function: Keeping an adequate network of relevant stakeholders and play an active role therein

  • Establish and sustain a wide and instrumental network of contacts with Jordanian authorities, relevant embassies, EU Delegation, (I)NGOs, UN Agencies and experts.
  • Pro-actively represent the Netherlands in the relevant donor- and EU coordination-meetings in Jordan, and inform relevant colleagues about outcomes.
  • Take part in other relevant meetings, conferences and receptions for further knowledge building and (informal) networking.
  • Build a good relationship with implementing partners, while keeping an eye on the required distance between contracting authority and contractor.

Embassy: Contribute actively to wider embassy goals

  • Play active role in maintaining the pleasant, safe and healthy working environment within the embassy, i.a. by participating actively in the embassy’s Mission Council, Task Force Team Readiness, Social committee, Green team, organising the yearly embassy outing and Iftar dinner, Whatsapp group for embassy staff, volunteering for Confidence person etc.
  • Put aside one’s own tasks as laid down in this job profile to help in the organization of  important incoming missions or embassy-wide events when necessary or to help out a colleague with a heavy workload.
  • Maintain a welcoming attitude towards new staff members, including the embassy’s interns, by possibly guiding them and transferring knowledge and experience.

Working environment

The Policy Officer for Migration and Refugees is part of the 12 colleagues-strong Development & Economic resilience Department of the embassy in Amman. The Department is headed by the Deputy Head of Mission, and the Policy Officer is directly accountable to the Deputy Head of Mission. Part of the work of the Policy Officer, especially the political tasks, will be directly with and under content supervision of the Head of Mission. The Project Officer will also work together with the International Liaison Officer of the Immigration and Naturalisation Department within the embassy.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is located in Abdoun Al Shamali and is constructed under (Dutch) architecture. It houses a team of 40 staff members, including several attaches, Regional Policy Advisors and support staff. The atmosphere at the embassy is informal and we aim to work closely as One team. The mission of the embassy comprises a wide variety of policy fields, the achievement of which is considered a joint responsibility. Working languages are English, Dutch and Arabic.

Job requirements

Knowledge and areas of experience

  • Knowledge and good understanding of migration developments and debates, development assistance, refugee issues and social protection.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Ability to translate theoretical knowledge about policy areas into reporting and programming in the Jordanian context.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Social and communicative skills, good networker.
  • Fluent in English and Arabic. Knowledge of the Dutch language is an asset.


  • Analytical skills
  • Accuracy, including in planning and organisation
  • Shows initiative
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work with others
  • Strong verbal and written expression
  • Networker
  • Has a strong sense of integrity

Profile of the successful candidate:

Open and communicative personality. Willing to do more than the letter of this job profile. Used to taking initiatives and discuss and transform policy into concrete activities. Team worker, but also able to solve immediate problems without assistance of supervisor. Has some experience working with migrants and/or refugees in the Netherlands and/or the Middle East.

Knowledge and skills

Level of education: University level

Level of experience: At least 5 years of working experience required

  • Skills in translating insights and information into advice, plans and reports and in assessing their policy- and financial implications.
  • Knowledge of general training methods and techniques for drawing up projects plans and performing evaluations, and skill in using them.
  • Understanding of relevant ministerial frameworks and legislation in the policy areas concerned.
  • Knowledge of the migration and refugee fields.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for this position, please send your cover letter and CV.

Deadline: Monday 18 November 2019, 5 PM