Hortiflor Expo IPM China 2019

To showcase the Dutch horticultural expertise and the many companies excelling in the field, the Dutch network in China often organises Holland Pavilions at large exhibitions. During the 2019 HortiflorExpo IPM China several Dutch companies were present. Also, the Agricultural Department of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing and Consulate General in Shanghai organized a seminar on Sustainable Horticulture Development – Experiences in the Netherlands.

The aims of the seminar were to present audiences with the state-of-the-art horticulture technology from the Netherlands and to strengthen the co-operation between the two countries. Mr. Henk Stigter, Agricultural Counselor at Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing, hosted this seminar. For a brief recap, watch the video below. Are you interested in participating in future Holland Pavilions? Feel free to contact our economic department for more information.

Hortiflor Expo IMP China 2019

Welcome to the HortiFlor Exo IPM China 2019

[Henk Stigter, Agricultural Counsellor at the Netherlands Embassy in Beijing]

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning,

Special welcome to madame Zhang of the China flower association, we very much appreciate that you are here this morning.

Horticulture is still booming business in China. Suitable innovation and high-tech solutions are high on the agenda of the horticulture sector. Today we have a seminar, very happy we have a full house, focusing on high-tech greenhouse technology and circular horticulture.

[Ibo Gulsen, Manager of Jansen Overseas BV China]

Hello, my name is Ibo Gulsen of Jansen Overseas.

We are very happy to be at this expo again. At today’s seminar we actually talked about how to make flower festivals and how to make flower parks successful. That basically depends on a number of factors. So firstly it depends on your operating and business model, so whether it’s seasonal or year-round. Secondly, what is the story you want to tell? How do you want to attract the people, what do you want them to experience. So that all comes back to the design of a flower show, how to make it effective and impactful. And then you have your planting plan. We actually support the whole process from design and business model to actually the planting plan and the flowers you need for that.

We had a very good exchange today with the public and audience during the seminar, lots of questions. You can always review our presentation online. Thank you!

[Fulco Wijdooge, General Manager of Ridder Group Shanghai]

Warm welcome everybody to the Ridder Group from the Netherlands.

Today we had a very successful seminar, talking about circular economy and circular horticulture. And how this affects our planet and our life. It was a very successful engagement with everybody’s presence. Together, China and the Netherlands can build a better future for our children, for our world, by using circular ideas to reduce energy usage and also making more profits for the horticultural industry.

Thank you, I hope everyone can build towards a beautiful, safe and healthy planet.

[Weird Vonk, General manager of Hoogendoorn Asia]

The greenhouse industry in the Netherlands is developing new technology continuously. These new technologies are not only used in the Netherlands, but also in China. To match the Chinese market, such technologies should be adapted, especially in terms of climate conditions. Hoogendoorn provides a complete solution for climate control. Together with other Dutch greenhouse builders we bring this technology to China. It’s a high-yield solution which benefits Chinese growers.

[closing screen]

Interested in participating in future events? You can always reach out to us through PEK-LNV@minbuza.nl