Fund for Responsible Business (FVO)

Are you an independent entrepreneur who wishes to increase Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) within your organisation? If so, then the Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) can help you to collaborate with civil society organisations in order to identify and address RBC risks and misconduct within your value chain. FVO also helps civil society organisations to comply with any Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) agreements (IMVO-covenanten) to which they are signatories.

FVO provides support in two different ways, which we refer to as Pillar 1 and Pillar 2.

1. FVO Partnerships (Pillar 1)

FVO Pillar 1 supports partnerships between companies and civil society organisations with the objective of setting up multi-stakeholder projects to identify and tackle RBC risks or misconduct within international value chains.

These companies are seeking to make their value chain(s) more sustainable in one or more producer countries and focus on one or more of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, such as human rights, employee rights or the environment. The OECD guidelines are RBC standards that apply to entrepreneurs working abroad.

For more information, see the information page on FVO Partnerships (Pillar 1).

FVO Partnerships (Pillar 2)

Please consult, for information on FVO Partnerships (Pillar 2) (in Dutch).