Visit Minister Harbers to Albania

Dutch Minister for Migration Mark Harbers had a short but very fruitful visit to Tirana today.

He met with Vice Minister Rovena Voda, General Director of the Albanian State Police Ardi Veliu as well as some international organisations and diplomatic representions here in Tirana

Emphasizing on the excellent cooperation with the Albanian authorities in combating illegal migration and asylum applications from safe countries of origin - like Albania - Minister Harvers addressed the Albanian public through a joint press conference with two main messages:

1. There is absolutely no chance of getting asylum in the Netherlands for Albanian  citizens.

2. Any attempts to illegally crossing the Dutch seaports to UK leads to a one-way ticket to Albania and a two year schengen entry ban. 

Please find the full press release and press statement of Minister Harbers here:

Press Release and Press statement (in Albanian and English)