Kingdom of the Netherlands / MajiWater Storage Tank Competition

Make every drop of water count! Enter the MAJIWater / Kingdom of the Netherlands StorageTank competition now.

Win a high-quality water storage tank

Are you a non-governmental organization, community based organization, farmers cooperatives or Public Institution and in need of a place to store water?

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kenya is teaming up with MAJI Water Storage ltd. to provide you with a chance to win a high-quality water storage tank. In this competition, you can win a steel water storage tank of 54 square meters. We are looking for your most original, realistic and transformative ideas for the use of this tank.

New approaches

The Aid and Trade policy of the Netherlands Embassy has been building on a strong and longstanding track record in the agriculture and water sectors. The policy aims at a more intensive trade relationship and entices Dutch companies to invest in Kenya.

At the same time, global challenges related to climate change brings more extreme weather patterns with prolonged droughts and excessive flooding, also in Kenya. This calls for new approaches in water resources management for agricultural, domestic, institutional and industrial use. In this context, the Netherlands supports Dutch companies and joint ventures that provide innovative solutions to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change.

About MajiWater

MAJIWater is one of the first true Kenyan-Dutch joint ventures, supported by the Netherlands. The company is serving the Kenyan and East African markets with water storage solutions and produces affordable steel tanks from 5m3 up to over 1000 m3 storage capacity.

Local production of the steel water tanks in Kenya enables MAJI to quickly supply its customers with water storage solutions for a broad range of purposes: drinking water, emergency water supply, rainwater harvesting, irrigation, industry, water re-use and wastewater storage.

Criteria for entering the competition

  1. Your organisation should be registered as a social welfare organisation, NGO or cooperative.
  2. Your organisation should provide proof of the access to or ownership of a piece of land that can accommodate the water tank with a diameter of 7m60, height of 2m40 and volume of 54M3. Please submit a picture of the proposed (levelled) location of the tank.
  3. Your organization needs to be able to indicate what source of (seasonal) water could fill up the tank of this size (54 square meters).
  4. You should motivate the need and benefits for your organisation and community/beneficiaries of the water tank. Please also provide a picture that exemplifies the activities undertaken by your organisation.

Interested organizations can take part in the competition by submitting a digital proposal (no set format) including: 1) information about your organization (less than 500 words), 2) motivation (less than 1000 words), 3) a picture of the foreseen location of the water tank; 4) a picture exemplifying how your organization/ beneficiaries could benefit from this tank. Proof of registration of your organization, proof of land access and proof of the possibilities to ensure water supply to the tank will be requested to preselected organizations.

Deadline for submission

Deadline for submission of proposals is Wednesday 13 March and proposals can be emailed to

Who knows you could soon be the proud owner of this Kenyan/ Dutch water storage solution!