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Following a meeting that took place between President Trump and Prime Minister Rutte in Washington on July 2, 2018, the decision was taken to host GES 2019 in the Netherlands. GES 2019 stands as an example of how the Netherlands and the United States strongly encourage entrepreneurship and innovation worldwide. With previous GES editions held in Washington, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Morocco, Kenya, Silicon Valley, and India, GES 2019 will be the first to be hosted by a country within the European Union.

MALE VOICE-OVER: Entrepreneurs showcase innovations, share ideas
and engage investors at the ninth Global Entrepreneurship Summit.
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FEMALE VOICE-OVER: This summer, in the Netherlands,
2000 next-generation entrepreneurs, investors
and thought leaders from around the world come together
to invest in business and in future generations.
MALE VOICE-OVER: The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019
is a worldwide platform of inspirational keynote speakers, matchmaking, debate
and ideas about how to build a future and promote free and fair trade,
and prosperity for all.
FEMALE VOICE-OVER: A marketplace for breakthrough technologies
where innovators, investors, the private sector and entrepreneurs come together
to form new and unlikely coalitions, to accelerate and scale up
workable market-ready solutions.
MALE VOICE-OVER: The Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019
is an investment in our future generations with worldwide gains
that will last far beyond the event itself.
a chance of a lifetime to scale up your business.
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GES 2019 is the preeminent annual entrepreneurship conference for emerging entrepreneurs, investors, and entrepreneurship supporters from around the world. As such, GES offers a unique and international platform, connecting innovative companies and foreign investors. GES allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas, expand their networks, build partnerships, and secure funding. It offers investors a space to engage with other investors and discover emerging talent, and serves as a platform for governments and private sector organizations to promote new policies and initiatives.

The primary aim of GES is to promote entrepreneurship worldwide. GES 2019 offers the Netherlands an opportunity to reinforce its ties with the United States, to assert its position as a gateway to Europe, and to promote its interests in, and support for, entrepreneurship and innovation. The GES 2019 campaign will demonstrate the Netherlands’ ability and unique approach to effectively bring together industry, government and knowledge institutions to cooperate on finding solutions to global challenges. We want to underline businesses’ abilities to contribute to a better world, while capitalizing on the commercial opportunities that they present.

GES 2019 will host 1200 entrepreneurs from the US (400), the Netherlands (200), Europe (200), and the rest of the world (400). Approximately 400 investors from all over the world will attend. International participants will not be required to pay attendance fees or lodging costs. Entrepreneurs who want to join GES 2019 will have to apply in advance and must meet criteria in order to qualify. Until January 30, 2019, entrepreneurs who want to participate in GES 2019 can register online now.

They must meet criteria in order to be eligible for selection:

  • Technology with the potential to contribute to global challenges within Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health and Water
  • An innovation that is more than a concept, with a functioning, market-ready business model
  • An enterprise that is investor-ready, with the ambition and the capacity to scale-up internationally within 5 years
  • Preference for entrepreneurs that work together with universities or research institutions

Applications will be reviewed by an independent jury who will carry out the selection of invitees for GES 2019. Please find more details about the event, the participation criteria and selection process on