Vacancy: Policy Advisor on Water (AMM)

The Netherlands in Jordan works towards sustainable economic resilience in a water scarce environment, recognizing the ongoing effects of climate change in Jordan and the wider Middle East. The Netherlands fosters economic development along the food-water-energy nexus through government-to-government, knowledge-to-knowledge and business-to-business cooperation.

The Netherlands has a special focus on horticulture and water for agriculture and takes on the so-called 3x3x3 challenges: three times more earning capacity in the horticulture value chain, using three times less water and three times less energy. As water availability is a prerequisite for a sustainable horticulture,  the Netherlands will support sustainable water supply as well, in addition to efficient water use.

The approach will be through

  1. Policy development and knowledge exchange, specifically on waste water treatment and reuse and water productivity in agriculture,
  2. Technical support to a water company to improve performance,
  3. Mobilization of (climate) finance for sustainable water use and renewable energy and energy efficiency.

B. Tasks:

B1. Description of tasks:

1. Liaise with Jordanian government and partner organizations

Maintain a strong functional network of, and actively liaise with, contacts within relevant government authorities, at policy, administrative and operational levels with the aim to promote and facilitate NL-JOR dialogue on policies, strategies and plans to improve water for agriculture and to jointly monitor and follow-up on program implementation and evaluation.

Build, expand and maintain a functional network of contacts with other national organisations including civil society, private sector, knowledge institutes as well as with societal structures such as tribes and the international development partners and (I)NGOs.

Arrange and actively participate in meetings with the GoJ departments/institutions, NGOs, UN-organisations, International Banks and at other platforms of dialogue e.g. donor-coordination meetings, etc. on water related issues.

2. Policy advice

Monitor and advise on the status and trends in the legal, policy and institutional framework of water for agriculture and climate change and advise on the importance and possible implications for the EKN multi-annual strategic planning and for water related activities.

Advise on and actively contribute to the drafting of Netherlands (NL)/EKN policy documents and strategies such as the multi-annual plan, policy notes, opinions and reviews.

Contribute to national policy development in the water sector through interaction with various interlocutors, based on our interventions in the water sector in cooperation with knowledge institutes and Dutch expertise.

3. Program development and implementation

Implementation of the activities in the water sector, as formulated in the Multi Annual Strategic Plan for Jordan for 2019-2022.

Identify business opportunities in the water sector in close cooperation with the trade officer at the Embassy.

Actively participate in project monitoring and, where needed, advise on and/or assist in responding to specific opportunities and/or constraints in program implementation.

If case of sufficient staff and financial capacity, identify and/or advise on opportunities for new activities which are line with the priorities of the Jordanian government and policy priorities of the Netherlands.

Where requested/required/relevant contribute to/participate in the formulation, appraisal and monitoring of projects/programs in the other relevant sectors e.g. agriculture, education and business development.

4. Project/activity management and administration

Mmanagement and (project cycle) administration of selected projects, programs and activities.

Contribute to and/or advise on the monitoring of activities, organization and scope of reviews, field visits as well as on the assessment of and follow-up on progress reports, annual and multi-annual plans and budgets.

Provide and/or assist in obtaining key data from sector partners, programs and projects required for the preparation of notes, reports, monitoring sheets/result monitoring etc.

5. Others

Develop and strengthen individual/own capacity through training and/or study visits at national as well as international level for proper execution of the above tasks and responsibilities.

Participate in all EKN meetings relevant to the position.

Other tasks may be assigned on the basis of professional capabilities and capacity as deemed necessary in the framework of the EKN activities, like preparing incoming or outgoing missions.

B2. Description of result areas:
1. Adequate network with Jordanian government and partner organizations

A relevant network of contacts with relevant GOJ authorities, civil society, private sector, knowledge institutes and development partners, and (I)NGOs.

Optimal, functioning liaison/communication with relevant partners, including representing the embassy in  relevant meetings.

2. Policy advice

Contribution to policy notes, briefs, studies, strategies and where necessary concrete advice on legal, policy and institutional framework for the Dutch water related activities in Jordan.

Opportunities for NL and JOR business to business cooperation identified; advice provided to individual companies in collaboration with the Embassy’s Trade Officer.

3. Program development and implementation

Suggestions for and advice on new programs, activities and partners in the water sector.

Actively facilitate timely preparation and approval of relevant documents for NL/EKN-funded water related activities.

Briefs, advice on opportunities and/or constraints in program implementation.

4. Project/activity management and administration

Well managed activity portfolio in the field of water: activities conceived, identified, appraised, registered, monitored and closed in line with established rules and regulations.

Contributions to the preparation and monitoring of annual and multi-annual plans, budgets and progress reports.

Key data from sector partners, programs and projects available for notes, reports, monitoring sheets/result monitoring etc.

5. Others

individual/own capacity developed

Participation in all EKN meetings relevant to the position

Execution of other assigned tasks deemed necessary in the scope of embassy activities.

C. Requirements for the position:


  • General knowledge and understanding of the water situation and sector in Jordan and its connection to agriculture and climate change;
  • An appropriate network of contacts in relevant Jordanian government institutions, private sector and civil society (NGOs, CBOs);
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques for drawing up project plans and performing evaluations, and the skills and experience in using them;
  • Knowledge of Jordanian culture, and habits.

Level of education

  • Academic degree, preferably in hydro science/ engineering;Level of experience: a minimum of 8 years of relevant experience within the water sector is required.


  • Fluent in Spoken Levantine, English and Modern Standard Arabic;
  • Skill in translating insights and information into advice, plans and reports and in assessing their policy and financial implications;
  • Networking skills and ability to establish and maintain diplomatic and other contacts at a higher level;
  • A proactive approach and ability to work independently;
  • Good computer skills and experience with various computer programs.
  • Ability to work with others
  • Ability to work independently
  • Goal-centeredness
  • Organizational sensitivity
  • Environmental consciousness
  • Networking skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Eager to learn

D. Working environment and contacts:

The PAW is part of the development affairs of the Embassy in Amman headed by Deputy Head of Mission.

The Netherlands embassy is located in Abdoun Al Shamali and is constructed under (Dutch) architecture. It houses a team of 34 staff members among which attaches, (regional) policy officers and support staff. The atmosphere at the embassy is informal, and we work closely as a team. The mission of the embassy in the different policy fields is considered a joint responsibility. Working languages are English, Dutch, Arabic.

The PAW will work closely together with the Regional Coordinator for Water and Energy Security.


With the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( in The Hague and other Policy Advisors on Water in the region;

With the involved ministries and authorities in Jordan and in the Netherlands;

With water knowledge institutes in The Netherlands and in Jordan;

With professional organisations, development agencies and the business community;

With other members of the Dutch Embassy and especially with team members of the Economic team

With other Embassy staff on procedures, working methods and progress of programmes, as well as explanation and interpretation of legislation

With the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( in The Hague and other Policy Advisors on Water in the region;

With independent civil society organisations, such as CBO`s and NGO’s.


Send your CVs and cover letters to, by End of Day (EOD), 16 December, 2018.

  • No follow-up phone calls or emails will be accepted.
  • Due to the high number of applications, only selected applicants will be contacted.