Kosovo: Matra For European Cooperation Embassy Programme 2019 Call for Proposals

The Embassy of the Netherlands invites non-governmental organizations to submit project proposals for Matra for European Cooperation Fund before the deadline of 21 December, 2018. The projects applying for funding should at the latest start in June 2019. Matra for European Cooperation is a major programme run by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Matra for European Cooperation” focuses on activities that contribute to the development of a plural democracy, grounded in the rule of law, with room for dialogue between the government and civil society; to build capacity and strengthen the institutions of civil society and government, and to strengthen bilateral relations. The Embassy reserves the right to select projects within the limitation of the available budget.

What types of projects are eligible?

“Matra for European Cooperation Embassy” Programme is a demand-driven programme and therefore only supports target group initiatives. To be eligible for a “Matra for European Cooperation” grant, projects must promote the process of transformation in the following areas:

1. Rule of Law

2. Good governance

3. Human rights

4. Public awareness and media

What are the requirements?

– Applications must be relevant to “Matra for European Cooperation” objectives.

– The application must relate to one or more of the “Matra for European Cooperation” themes mentioned above.

– The target group should be clearly defined and actively involved in implementing the project.

– The applicant(s) should contribute the project (financial or in kind).

- The applicant must have a minimum yearly turnover of: 50.000 EUR.

- The duration of the project should be between 12-24 months.

- The total project value can be from €100,000.00 up to €120,000.00. The budget will be scrutinized by the Embassy.

The following factors will also be taken into account:

– how the problem, objective, target group and envisaged results are presented;

– activities, timetable and realistic budget;

– active involvement of the target group at all stages of the project;

– extent of the applicant’s own contribution (financially or in kind);

– support for and feasibility/sustainability of the activity;

– management capacity of the implementing organisation;

– distribution over Matra themes;

– the way the project influence Kosovo’s EU integration process and does it stimulate EU integration awareness;

– preference is given to funding that serves as seed money, i.e. which stimulates local processes;

– preference is given to projects which demonstrate implementation of activities by a coalition of NGO’s.

Not eligible for funding under the Matra for European Cooperation Embassy Programme:

– humanitarian aid;

– commercial activities;

– business registered organisations

– projects with a predominantly academic focus, i.e. feasibility studies, research, etc;

– projects that exclusively or largely include the delivery of goods or materials;

– infrastructural or construction projects;

– scholarships or education programmes;

– social programmes.

Co-financing with other donors is possible provided:

a) Matra’s visibility is guaranteed;

b) a clear, transparent description is given of the Matra activities;

c) the other sources of funding are also specified in the proposal;

d) the budget balances.

The application procedure

- The deadline submitting project proposals is 21 December, 2018

- Consideration of proposals submitted after the deadline depends on availability of the budget;

- Only elaborated applications in accordance with Application Form (Appendix A) will be reviewed;

- Applications must be submitted to the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo; at


- Applications should be submitted by the project organisers themselves, though they may be assisted by third parties, such as Dutch NGOs;

- Applications should be submitted in the English language.

- All documents submitted for the application must be signed by the applicant

Approval, contract, payment and reporting

If the project is approved, the applicant will receive two copies of the contract, outlining the conditions of the grant. One copy must be signed and returned to the Dutch Embassy. Upon its receipt, the first instalment of the grant will be transferred.

The maximum duration of projects supported by the “Matra for European Cooperation” programme is two years (24 months). The applicant is required to submit mid-term and final narrative and financial reports on the results achieved. Final narrative and financial reports are to be submitted within two months from the finalisation of the project. The report should describe activities carried out to date, activities still planned (if any), problems encountered, achievements, lessons learned, etc.

Upon approval of these documents, the Embassy will pay the remaining instalment(s). The embassy reserves the right to inspect the project accounts and activities at any time.