Vacancy in Iraq - Economic and Development Officer

The Dutch Embassy in Baghdad is looking for a proactive and resourceful individual for the position of Economic and Development Officer.

The Netherlands has a new strategy for Iraq with a focus on economic development, particularly in the agriculture, water and energy sectors. Increased employment will be vital to ensure stability in Iraq. The successful candidate will help the Netherlands - a small and pragmatic player in Iraq - to punch above its weight and contribute to the revitalization of the economy.

Duties and results areas


  • Analyse and report on macro-economic and trade developments in Iraq, with specific attention for reform and (anti)corruption;
  • Cultivate and expand a network of both government officials and individuals from the private sector – especially in the agriculture, water and energy sectors – who can help improve the business environment;
  • Expand Dutch business in Iraq through identification of opportunities (including government projects and tenders), swift replies to questions by Dutch companies and facilitation of company visits to Iraq;
  • Promote the visibility of Dutch companies at Iraqi and regional trade fairs, and inform Iraqi companies or the Iraqi government about opportunities in the Netherlands;


  • Leverage a modest budget to identify and fund projects that have the potential to increase (youth) employment, such as projects which enable private sector development or which revive the agricultural sector;
  • Monitor ongoing projects to ensure that they deliver the intended results and help the Dutch government communicate its development work to the Dutch and Iraqi public;
  • Push Dutch and international development organizations to deliver the greatest possible impact in Iraq and suggest possible opportunities for economic revitalization.

Job requirements

Qualifications and experience

  • Master’s degree (MA, MSc), preferably in (agro)economics or the water sector;
  • At least three years of professional experience, preferably in the private sector;
  • Written and oral fluency in Arabic and English;
  • A well-developed network in Iraq within the private and public sectors;
  • Willingness to travel within Iraq, or occasionally to the Netherlands when required;
  • An understanding of the Dutch economy and its interests in Iraq would be an asset.

Desired competencies and skills

  • Proven ability to think critically and independently;
  • Dynamism and a proactive attitude, someone who is able to move beyond analysis to deliver real-world impact in Iraq;
  • No 9-to-5 mentality, open to assist colleagues and to carry out additional tasks as directed by the (deputy) Head of Mission;
  • Team player, able to work with a wide range of people and to transcend cultural boundaries.

Working environment

The Netherlands’ presence in Iraq consists of an Embassy in the International Zone in Baghdad, a Consulate-General in Erbil and an Honorary Consulate in Basra. The team in Baghdad is, at any one time, composed of a head of mission (ambassador or deputy ambassador), a first secretary for political and humanitarian affairs, a second secretary for economic and development affairs, a defence attaché, a (deputy) head of consular and internal affairs, national policy and support staff, as well as Iraqi, Dutch and international security staff. 

The economic and development officer will be working in close cooperation with the second secretary and under the supervision of the (deputy) Head of Mission. The successful candidate will assist other members of the team as required.

In general, the Netherlands in Iraq works towards the following four priorities:

  • Security: contribute to stability, security and the fight against terrorism.
  • Migration: help Iraqi citizens to overcome the consequences of ISIS occupation. Contribute to the protection and economic autonomy of refugees and displaced persons. Strengthen bilateral cooperation between the Netherlands and Iraq on migration.
  • Work and income: support private sector development in key sectors such as water, agriculture, and energy. Encourage young entrepreneurship, support economic reform and tackling corruption. Promote investment and job creation by Dutch businesses.
  • Human rights: reinforce human rights and the rule of law by supporting institutions and individual defenders of human rights.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an active diversity policy and works hard to be an inclusive organization. We cherish differences between people and strive to create teams with a mix of various talents. We seek diversity in gender, cultural background, age, sexual orientation and in all other dimensions when we hire new talent.

Salary and employment conditions

The successful candidate will be offered a local contract in pay scale 9, corresponding with a working week of 37.5 hours. The annual leave entitlement is 21 days and up to 15 Iraqi/Dutch public holidays.

Normal working hours are from 08:00 to 15:30. Some flexibility on working hours is expected.

The successful candidate will be subject to a two-month probationary period. You should have or be willing to obtain the right to work in Iraq. Obtaining a residency and work permit is the candidate’s own responsibility.

How to apply

Please send your updated curriculum vitae and cover letter in English to

For more information about the position, please contact Mark Brakel/Martijn Groen (second secretary) through