Auditions - Opera Anne and Zef in Albania and Kosovo

Auditions Anne & Zef

On the 11th and 12th of October 2018 auditions are held for the opera Anne & Zef by Dutch composer Monique Krüs, directed by Corina van Eijk. more information here below.

practical information

The opera will be performed in English.

Performances dates are foreseen for 5, 6, 8 and 9 December 2018 in Tirana, Fier, Pristina and Gjakova, with rehearsals starting on the 20th of November in Tirana.

For the two roles of Anne and Zef we are looking for a young lyric soprano and young baritone, (credible stage ages between 15 – 23 years, so with a youthful appearance) with excellent spoken and sung English.

The contemporary opera is written in a most lyrical and accessible style.

Required audition pieces* are scenes from the opera for Anne and Zef and a second lyrical Italian or French belcanto or romantic aria of choice.

In this link below you can find the sheet music for these scenes, which you can download.

* For Anne:
in scene 4 page 9 bar 22 until letter E and 
scene 5 until letter G  (spoken text not required to be performed from memory at the audition).

For Zef: scene 7 complete (bar 30-33 piano only of course)

The auditions, in the presence of the composer, will take place in Tirana, at the

Please send your details, resume and headshot to:

General info on the Opera Anne and Zef

Anne & Zef is a family opera, suitable for ages 12 and over, by Dutch composer Monique Krüs, and is inspired by the Diary of Anne Frank. It is based upon the play by the same name by Ad de Bont. The opera was a Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra/Netherlands Chamber Orchestra commission.

The 45 minutes opera tells the story of Anne Frank who “meets” Albanian teenager Zef in the after life. They tell their life stories and develop a special bond. Anne wanted to be a writer and died in a German concentration camp; Zef wanted to be an actor and was murdered by his best friend in the blood revenge (Kanun) in Albania.
The two teenagers, of very different generations and cultural backgrounds, share their dreams and their pains, but also have a sweet flirtation. It is a truly moving and relevant piece of musical theatre.

The beautiful staging is by Opera Spanga artistic director Corina van Eijk, who also worked on the libretto with Ad de Bont and  Monique Krüs. The production is by Opera Spanga.

The set consists of only two bunk beds with a video screen for special animations. The bunk beds also become the prison cells of Anne and the home of Zef.

The opera was written for young people (12+) but equally appeals to adults. It has made a deep impact on audiences and critics alike.
The timeless story of Anne Frank is combined with a contemporary story and is, apart from two quotes from Anne Frank’s dairy, based on a completely original script.
It has two singers and a small orchestra of ten players.

We present the opera with an introduction and a post performance Q&A, as we have found that audiences have a strong need to discuss the opera after seeing it.

You can find information on the composer at
and more on Anne&Zef on:

Since its world premiere back in April 2015, the opera has been revived every year, with as special series of performances in March 2017 in the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam.
The first international performances also took place in March 2017, when the opera was performed in Rome, in a new production in Italian , in association with the Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia where is was repeated in 2018.

Theater  Bielefeld gave the German premiere in the spring of 2018. The opera was also selected to be performed in Beijing in May 2018 during the  ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) World New Music Days.

Currently, festivals in Budapest, London and other theatres in Germany are interested in presenting Anne&Zef, with talks also started for performances in Japan, Spain and the USA.


‘Moving and engaging music (…) Anne’s theme played by the viola is especially poignant.’
*** De Volkskrant

‘A deeply moving performance’
**** NRC Handelsblad

‘Many emotional moments (…) The young soprano Lilian Farahani is a disarming Anne,
serious one moment and flirtatious the next.’
**** Theaterkrant

Monique Krüs
composer Ad de Bont
librettist Corina van Eijk

Lilian Faharani

Benjamin de Wilde