Cotonou to host Benin Investment Forum on 27 and 28 August 2018

Cotonou, the economic capital of Benin, will host on 27 and 28 August 2018 the largest event for business leaders, investors and policy makers from around the world who are interested to invest in Benin in the framework of the first edition of Benin INVESTMENT FORUM.

After over a decade of uninterrupted growth, Benin stands today as one of the most promising economic zones in Africa. The most dynamic African entrepreneurs are the first to take advantage of these remarkable advances of Benin. In banking, food processing, construction and energy, services, companies are emerging, motivated by the desire to conquer new markets.


Capital, technology, know-how and access to new markets

The organization of Benin INVESTMENT FORUM 2018 in Cotonou, responds to the need to boost financial flows and international investment to Benin for foreign direct investment and is widely recognized as an important potential contribution to growth and development. It may indeed bring capital, technology, know-how and access to new markets.

Through various conferences and panel discussions, the event brings together local, regional, pan-African and international business leaders eager to be privileged actors of Beninese economy in full revival.

This Economic Forum also offers business leaders the means to expand their professional networks, identify potential partners and initiate new business relations in Benin. It will also allow them to sustain their relationships with their counterparts between meetings and offer participants to compare their vision of the African business groups with international leaders and with leading companies in key areas such as legal, audit, consulting, information and communications technology, or business intelligence.

Profile of participants

Governments highest national institutions, research centers and universities, civil society organizations, private sector, local authorities, international and regional institutions, development partners

Participation in Benin INVESTMENT FORUM is:

  • 30 000 FCFA for individuals and SMEs
  • 100,000 FCFA for large companies

Contact information

Wannou Foundation
Phone:  +229 61 58 55 55 | +229 67 14 24 24 | +33 6 30 72 32 45
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