(Update) Netherlands – Korea Business Event 2018

Are you interested in doing business with South Korea, one of the world’s most innovative, high tech economies and the 2nd export market for the Netherlands in Asia? Join our event on June 26 in Zoetermeer.

In 2018, the focus of the economic cooperation with Korea is ‘smart’ and ‘sustainable’. This aligns very well with the new economic policy of President Moon and related business opportunities for Dutch and Korean parties. It also illustrates the importance of high-tech and innovation in all sectors and invites Dutch companies and knowledge institutes providing smart and sustainable products, technologies and/or expertise to explore business cooperation with partners from Korea.

The Netherlands – Korea Business Event 2018 is a unique opportunity for Dutch companies to gain knowledge on doing business in Korea and make new business contacts. Dutch and Korean experts from the private sector, the Korean embassy in The Hague and the Netherlands embassy in Korea will inform you on:

- The economic developments under President Moon Jae In in Korea.

- Business opportunities, in particular for:

* Smart Industry (Electronics components: semiconductors, displays, and  batteries. ICT: 5G, Blockchain, AI)

* Smart Farming (Smart solutions for horticulture and livestock. Smart Farm Innovation Valleys project)

* Smart Cities (Autonomous vehicles, urban regeneration, sustainable cities, smart healthcare and internet of things)

- Support from the Dutch government and business associations for Dutch companies in Korea
- Experiences of Dutch companies in Korea

The smart sectors that are addressed in this event will also be the focus of trade missions to Korea scheduled for the second half of this year.

Draft program

14-15h: Registration and speed dating with staff of the Netherlands embassy in Korea (on appointment)

15-16h: Plenary session:

  - Welcome by Mr. Rik van Berkel, cluster manager built environment, FME

  - Mr. Lee Yun Young, Korean ambassador to the Netherlands

  - Mr. Sean Park, Director Europe, Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

  - Mrs. Ruth Emmerink, Netherlands deputy ambassador to Korea, on economic

        developments in Korea and opportunities for Dutch business

  - Testimonials by Dutch companies, a.o. Mr. Gee Schmidt of Patta

16-17h: Parallel sessions led by the embassy of the Netherlands in Korea:

  Smart industry

    - Market overview and opportunities analysis by Mr. Joo-Won Lee, Senior
       Economic Affairs Officer, Netherlands embassy in Korea

    - Testimonial 1: Mr. Roland van Vliet, CEO, Nearfield Instrument

    - Testimonial 2: Mr. Siebe van Mensfoort, CEO, Simbeyond

    - Q&A

  Smart farming

    - Presentation about the horticulture sector and information on Korea’s Smart    

      Farm Innovation Valleys project by Mr. Hojin Kang, Agricultural Officer, NL   

      embassy in Korea                

    - Testimonial 1: Prof. Robert Hoste, Wageningen University, will share his 

      experiences on the Korean livestock sector

    - Testimonial 2: Mr. Marcel van Leeuwen, Export Manager Dairy Equipment, Lely      

       International N.V.

    - Q&A

  Smart cities

  - Information about the smart cities sector and opportunities in Korea by

     Mrs. Jeong Eun Ha, Officer for Innovation, Technology and Science, Netherlands   

     embassy in Korea

  - Testimonial: Mr. Gwen van Vugt, Director of Mobility Center, TASS international

  - Q&A

     Info market with general info on business in Korea, government support, the EU – Korea FTA, IP and more.

     The Information will be provided by:

       - FME

       - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

       - RVO

17-18h: Speed dating with staff of the Netherlands embassy in Korea (on appointment)

17-18h30: Networking reception


You can register for the event via this link. The deadline for registration is Thursday June 21. In the registration form you have the opportunity to sign up for a speed date session with one of our embassy staff members. Speed date appointments are first come first served.

The event will be held at FME, Zilverstraat 69, 2718 RP Zoetermeer.

This event is organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Korea in cooperation with FME and NLinBusiness, with support of VNO-NCW, MKB Nederland and RVO.

For questions please contact the Netherlands Embassy in Korea,