Ready for some inspiration? Dutch tech at CES Asia

“The full ecosystem of the world’s tech industry”. CES Asia, the largest Consumer Tech Tradeshow of the Eastern hemisphere, is kicking off this week. It is no wonder CES Asia is taking place in Shanghai, since the current Chinese market offers many opportunities for technology start-ups and companies. And with the Netherlands being #3 on the Global Innovation Index, this makes for a successful recipe.

The potential of the Chinese market for successful tech companies is tremendous. For instance, Chinese bike sharing companies Mobike and Ofo have received billions of dollars investment and are looking to expand overseas. But China is also interesting for foreign start-ups and established companies, especially in the area of technology. The market is growing and homogenous, consumption is increasing and the younger generation is very tech-savvy. Also, innovation is one of the focal points in recent government strategies.

Several Dutch start-ups and companies will showcase their latest innovations at CES Shanghai this week, from June 13-15. The delegation is supported by the Holland Innovation Network in China. Exhibitors mr. Sjoerd Pitstra, Founder of Roader, and mr. Jos Burger, CEO of Ultimaker, share their ambitions and expectations with us.

Roader: recording what happened in the past

Mr. Sjoerd Pitstra is exhibiting at CES with his start-up Roader: “We have all experienced being too late to capture certain special moments on film. The Roader Camera allows you to record these moments from the past. It continuously buffers footage, but only starts recording when you press the camera’s button. This allows you to record short videos which start 10 seconds in the past and continue 10 seconds into the future. Using the app on your phone you can directly share your videos on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and so on.”

Introducing Roader on the Asian market will require some changes compared to the western market. However, mr. Pitstra has already received advice and has some ideas. “Of course we need to link to different social media platforms. Instead of WhatsApp we will connect to WeChat and we will also translate our app. Furthermore, whenever we launch Roader we want to be as close to our potential customers as possible. Luckily, this should be relatively easy in China since there are many e-commerce platforms such as Taobao and JD. A challenge that remains is making sure our pricing is both competitive and realistic compared to competitors.”

Roader was first shown to the public at CES Las Vegas earlier this year, and mr. Pitstra received many positive responses. “Both the press and consumers were very excited about our prototype. Now we are almost ready for production. That’s also why we decided to visit CES Asia and we were at InnoVEX Taiwan last week: to get feedback from the Asian market and gain more insight into our target audience. We are not yet very familiar with the retail and distribution sector here. Since the Asian market is very large we are also meeting potential local partners and investors to maximize our impact.”

Ultimaker: accelerating the world’s transition to local digital manufacturing

Roader is just getting started, but Ultimaker has been disrupting the worldwide manufacturing sector since 2011 and is now looking to further their efforts in the Asian market. Mr. Jos Burger is happy to explain more: “At CES Asia we will demonstrate our 3D printing portfolio, including our brand new Ultimaker S5. It is the first time we will show it in the Asia-Pacific Region. This is a professional 3D printer that is ready for the future! It is optimized to fit into existing workflows and allows for printing functional prototypes, manufacturing tools and end-use parts.”

Ultimaker has already established itself as a market leader with its accessible 3D printing solutions. With offices across the globe and an existing sales and service network in the Chinese market, they are well equipped to serve international customers. “We are currently setting up a special APAC office in Singapore, to create more awareness about Ultimaker in the region. That is also why we are attending CES Asia and the AI Summit here in China: we want the audience to get to know us”,  mr. Burger explains.

Lastly he adds: “We believe 3D printing should be easy and hassle free. There are still many opportunities in the Asian and specifically the Chinese market. That is why we are here to share our latest developments with the Asian market. It is an exciting time and place here now and we look forward to new opportunities that we will encounter.”