Vacancy for Local Rule of Law Officer

Role:                                 Local Senior Policy Officer Rule of Law  
Organisation:                 Netherlands Embassy in Tirana
Level of position:          08
Work week:                    40 hours
Starting Date:                03/09/2018


  • The officer will contribute to information gathering, analysing, reporting, networking in the area of Rule of Law, Democracy Building, Anti-Corruption, Migration, Human Rights , and Organised Crime.
  • In addition, the officer will participate in regional activities under the regional Western Balkans Rule of Law programme and where necessary, support the Regional Rule of Law Officer (based in Belgrade) logistically and administratively.
  • The annual plan of the Embassy, the general rules and regulations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Multi annual plan for the Western Balkans Regional Rule of Law programme (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia) provide the framework for the task, as well as the instructions from the Regional Rule of Law Officer and the Head of Mission (HoM), including the embassy’s division of tasks among the policy staff.

Duties and Result Areas

Description of duties:

  • Acting as focal point for the Rule of Law regional network in the Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, under the guidance of the Head of Mission;
  • Participate in regional rule of law activities, under the guidance of the Regional Rule of Law officer (based in Belgrade) for the Netherlands Embassies in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia;
  • Analysing and monitoring developments related to legislation, institutions, Civil Society (NGOs), EU and International Organisations relevant to the promotion of the Rule of Law;
  • Analysing and monitoring developments in relation to broader concept of Rule of Law in relation to democracy, good governance and fundamental rights, in close cooperation with the other policy staff members. In particular those themes which are high on the political agenda and prioritised by the Netherlands: Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Organised Crime and Judicial Reform;
  • Submitting relevant information and policy input in the aforementioned policy fields about Albania to all relevant stakeholders in The Hague (DEU, DIE, DMM, DVB), Europe (PVEU and Council of Europe), the five embassies (BEL, PRI, SAR, SKO, TIR) and, where necessary, also to representatives of civil society and like-minded diplomatic missions in town;
  • Preparing briefings, speaking notes, background notes, and drafting of reports on these topics;
  • Building and maintaining a professional network with local and Dutch institutions, civil society and international organisations in the field of Rule of Law in the broader sense;
  • Representing the Embassy within the scope of his/her responsibilities and assignments in Rule of Law, Justice sector and human rights related meetings, workshops, briefings, coordination meetings and conferences;
  • Active participation in the Rule of Law Network in the Netherlands Embassies in Belgrade, Pristina, Sarajevo and Tirana, under programmatic coordination of the Rule of Law officer in Belgrade.
  • Setting up of events in the framework of his/her responsibilities and when necessary helping in the organization of various embassy events.
  • Attending meetings and reporting on them in the framework of the general embassy responsibilities.
  • Preparing all relevant documents and following the approval, implementation and finalization of local projects on the above mentioned themes under the Dutch MATRA fund, as well as under the regional Rule of Law MATRA fund. Preparing relevant documents for Public Diplomacy activities, when related to Rule of Law.

Description of result areas:

  • Drafting and contributing to reports on Rule of Law developments, Good Governance, Human Rights and Democracy in a national context;
  • Contributing to organizing official visits, missions and workshops in the field of Rule of Law in the broader sense;
  • Support and replace the HoM, Deputy HoM, or the regional Rule of Law expert, upon their request;
  • Having and maintaining a functional and effective network in the field of Rule of Law, Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance.
  • Initiating, managing and monitoring a successful project portfolio under the Dutch MATRA Fund.


Job Environment

The local Rule of Law officer will function as part of a regional network of Rule of Law experts, co-ordinated by the senior Regional Policy Officer for Rule of Law in Belgrade, in close consultation with the Head of Mission.

Within the cluster close collaboration between all staff members is a necessity in order to fulfil the core tasks assigned to the embassy. Fostering rule of law is a core task of the embassy as a whole, to assist Albania on its way to European integration, with a primary focus on the five key priorities identified by the EU: Human Rights, Judicial Reform, Anti-Corruption, Organised Crime and Public Administration Reform. Promoting rule of law is thus a shared responsibility of all policy staff and close cooperation, information sharing and teamwork is a must.

The local officer will work ‘double-hatted’: for the Regional Policy Officer for Rule of Law in Belgrade, hierarchically placed under the Head of Mission in Tirana.

Job Requirements

Knowledge and areas of experience:

  • University degree in law, administration or related fields with broad interest covering i.e. constitutional, European, international and criminal law.
  • Knowledge and experience of the Albanian governance and justice sector and proven willingness to learn about this.
  • Good communication and writing skills. Experience with social media is a plus.
  • Networker: establishes and maintains contacts in a broad field of stakeholders and relevant actors.
  • Team player: maintains a positive, constructive attitude and understands that our work is a group effort that can only succeed if everyone takes responsibility for their part.
  • Good computer and information technology skills.
  • Good knowledge of Albanian and English, also in writing.

Give a brief description of the type of employee required:

  • He/she should be able to work in a team and should have a flexible attitude, willing to take on a wide variety of tasks.
  • He/she should have knowledge and experience with Rule of Law, Good Governance, and Human Rights.
  • The staff member should be pro-active and willing to travel to the Netherlands as well as in the region.


  • Initiative
  • Ability to think analytically
  • Ability to network
  • Integrity
  • Ability to work with others
  • Result orientation


Please send you application no later than 15 June 12h00 to

Send us a letter of motivation in English and a CV using the following template:

You may be invited for an interview and a written test at the embassy.