Dutch Food Design & You | Open Call Beijing Design Week 2018

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in China is in search of creative projects on the topic of food that are interested in participating in the 2018 Beijing Design Week  (BJDW). This year’s BJDW will take place around September 22 to October 7. Entries including an application form can be submitted up to 1 July 2018.

The goal of Dutch participations during BJDW is to promote Dutch Design and increase the understanding and awareness of it. BJDW is a platform for co-creation. Since 2011 the Netherlands has participated in it annually. Over the years the Dutch partnership with the Design Week has seen many highlights. In 2013, Amsterdam was guest city and in 2015 King Willem-Alexander visited the Dutch Beijing Design Week pavilion and toured the Chinese-Dutch collaborative projects.

The Embassy began the three-year program “Dutch Design & You” in 2017. Dutch Design is well-known for its far-reaching involvement with end users and audiences. This program aims to bring Dutch Design to the general Chinese public & their daily life.

This year we focus on the topic of FOOD. The Embassy uses this open call to support and facilitate creative projects in order to further develop and profile their own professional ability in China.

Poster promoting the Dutch participation in the Beijing Design Week in 2017

Context of the Open Call

According to scientific research, people spend 300,000 hours of their life with food. Can we look at food from a totally different perspective? How can food be designed from social and cultural aspects? With the influence of block chain, big data and technology, can food be designed more creatively?

The methods of handling food not only represent the attitude of individuals, but also reflect the entire food chain from countryside to the city which is always hidden from our view. The way we look at food reflects the time we are in, and it also give hints of food culture trends in the future.

& China

Food can link people from different cultural backgrounds. China is a country with a substantial culinary tradition. How can modern Dutch Design and Chinese traditional dietary knowledge learn from each other? What if a brand new fusion food culture comes into existence because of Sino-Dutch design cooperation?

& Beijing Design Week

The experience of enjoying food is influenced by space, tableware, clothes and even the way of eating. During BJDW, we will introduce Dutch Design with full consideration of eaters and the interaction between people. Crossovers of different types of knowledge are one of the most important characteristics of Dutch Design. The design of food also focuses on solutions to everyday problems such as food security, energy shortages and food waste..

& You

Eating together can connect people. During BJDW, we hope to create an everyday Chinese setting where visitors engage with food by introducing Dutch Design thinking. At BJDW, we also hope to encourage the Chinese audience to participate in the Dutch food design process.

Call directed at Dutch Food Design

This open call is directed at all Dutch creative industry disciplines, such as architecture, industrial design, graphic design, fashion design and food design and others. The Embassy, together with Dutch food design specialists, will select a maximum of 6 projects to participate in BJDW. Proposals will be selected based on how interactive the proposed project is, how solid the plan is to achieve these results and the potential reach of Chinese partners. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands offers a grant of a maximum of € 4,000 (including VAT) per proposal. This allowance is meant to cover the expenses of the return flight from the Netherlands to Beijing, the stay in Beijing or production costs of the project.  All efforts are being made to create a delegation that is diverse in terms of age and experience.

Provisional timetable

31 May   Open call launch
1 July Open call deadline
30 July Announcement of selected projects & exhibition venues
August-September Execution selected projects
22 September - 7 October Beijing Design Week

Please send your application form to PEK-PCZ@minbuza.nl, the deadline for this open call is 1 July 2018.

Should you have any questions regarding the open call or the application procedure, please contact us through the same inbox.


If you need extra funding for your presentations in Beijing, you can apply for a grant from the Creative Industry Funds at the same time. You can find more information on the application procedure for presentations abroad here.