Dutch Days Wuhan 2017: 21 to 26 November

After several successful editions of Dutch Days across China, this year from 21 'till 26 November, the third volume of Dutch Days Wuhan will take place. In close cooperation with the 4th Wuhan Design Biennale, this year’s Dutch Days presents a diverse story about urban design, water management and future public spaces.

Dutch Days Wuhan - Urban Design & City Living

Initiated by the Dutch government, the Dutch Days are a series of events aiming at enhancing cultural and business communication between the Netherlands and China. With the theme of Urban Design & City Living, Dutch Days Wuhan will present topnotch works from Dutch representatives by means of exhibitions, presentations, installations and other public activities.

It invites audiences for an interesting interaction between the Netherlands and China in the fields of culture, design and art. Furthermore, it stimulates new business explorations between Dutch and Chinese individuals and enterprises. The event was initiated by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beijing and is organized in Wuhan by the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) Wuhan.

Dutch Days Wuhan x 4th Wuhan Design Biennale

The Wuhan Design Biennale is a large-scale international event initiated by the city government of Wuhan. Every two year it is devoted to sharing the latest national and international developments in the design industry with its audiences by means of conferences, exhibitions, and other related activities. With the theme of Design Future, the 4th edition of the Wuhan Design Biennale invites Dutch Days Wuhan as its official partner, bringing various Sino-Dutch programs to the city. 

Province of Gelderland celebrates friendly tie with Province of Hubei

During Dutch Days Wuhan, the Province of Gelderland will visit the Province of Hubei with a trade delegation led by the vice-governor of Gelderland; Mr. Michiel Scheffer. Gelderland will present a large number of food, beverages and lifestyle companies in the light of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI); the railway trade connection between West and Central China with Europe.

Opening ceremony Dutch Days Wuhan

  • Date: 21 November 2017
  • Time: 16:00-18:00
  • Location: James Jackson Museum

Urban Design & City Living conference

In collaboration with Wuhan Design Biennale, Wuhan’s largest city-level design event, a conference with the topic Urban Design & City Living will give insight in new city developments. Industry experts in the fields of urban planning and architecture (Powerhouse Company, MARS Architects) and public art (Nieuw Dakota) are invited to participate. Together with Chinese industry experts they will discuss the role of urban design in connecting communities, social intervention with art and design and how to design for a better urban life.

  • Date: 23 November
  • Time: 14:30-17:30
  • Location: James Jackson Museum

International forum on the Yangtze River Demonstration District

A big part of the Netherlands is below sea level. With about 26% of its area located below sea level, and only about 50% of its land exceeding one meter above sea level, the Netherlands literally ‘lives with water’. Because of this situation the Netherlands is constantly in search of new innovations and ways to deal with water and is a leading country when it comes to urban water management.

Wuhan with its abundance of lakes and rivers flowing through and past the city, faces similar challenges. For this conference, three renowned Dutch companies (Arcadis, KuiperCompagnons and NITA Group) in the fields of spatial planning, urban design and engineering are invited to take part and share their latest insights and cases on urban water management.

The participating Dutch companies of both the Urban Design & City Living conference and this forum will also present their work by means of the photo exhibition Dutch Water+Works, on display at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Museum.

Urban Design & City Living conference

  • Date: 24 November
  • Time: 9:30-11:30
  • Location: James Jackson Museum

Dutch Water+Works

  • Date: 11-24 November 2017
  • Location: Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Museum

Interactions with public space

During Dutch Days Wuhan, several art installations will be presented in the public spaces around the main venue of 4th Wuhan Design Biennale. Floating Lights, an installation by Dutch artist Wouter Brave, will be on display at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts Museum.

Innovative Dutch light studio Studio Toer presents its light installation Social Sparkles and makes its audiences experience new and interactive public lighting in a playful way. Digiboo, a light web by Studio Tom Dekyvere shows a geometrical form of fluorescent ropes and focuses on local urban structures enabling the audience to experience its surroundings in a complete different way.

And the Dutch art collective Versteegde (Art Works And More) create real social and physical public interaction by developing a large bamboo structure with its audience in only a few hours.

Floating Lights

  • Date: 11-24 November
  • Location: Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

Bamboo Tripod Tower

  • Date: 18 November-2 December
  • Location: Tan Hua Lin (premises)

Social Sparkles

  • Date: 21 November-10 December
  • Location: James Jackson Museum


  • Date: 21 November-10 December
  • Location: Tan Hua Lin (premises)