Public to vote for the 2017 Human Rights Tulip

Public voting for the 2017 Human Rights Tulip has begun. Voting ends on Wednesday September 6. Anyone wishing to vote can go to  Human Rights Tulip and choose which of the 10 nominees they believe deserves the prize the most. The Human Rights Tulip, an award for human rights defenders working in innovative ways, was instituted as a means of encouraging activists to share their knowledge and experience.

The Human Rights Tulip is awarded once a year by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who chooses the winner on the basis of the public vote.

On Friday December 8 the minister will award the winner the bronze Human Rights Tulip statue and a prize worth € 100.000,-. The winner can use the funding to further develop his or her innovative contribution to strengthening human rights – and on such a scale that as many people and places benefit as possible.

The nomination round yielded almost 130. These 130 were assessed by Justice and Peace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their networks. 10 candidates went through to the online voting round. Public voting opens on Monday August 28 at 12.00 and will close on Wednesday September 6 at 24.00 (Dutch time).