Bringing innovation, the Netherlands and China together

Technology and innovation go hand in hand in China and they move quickly. Therefore, we have our Holland Innovation Network present in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. This network is part of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and links global and Dutch innovation networks. In practice, this can entail ‘economic diplomacy’ in technology and knowledge, identifying opportunities for research and development cooperation (R&D) or further promoting joint innovation.

 “With our Holland Innovation Network, we further encourage and foster technological cooperation between entrepreneurs and researchers from China and the Netherlands. By promoting collaborations with Dutch innovative partners, we contribute to the strengthening of the innovative capacities of both China and the Netherlands.” Mr. Taake Manning, Counsellor for science and technology at the Netherlands embassy further elaborates. The Holland Innovation Network works with individual clients and clusters of companies, institutions or governments and stimulates public-private cooperation within the top sectors as priorities.

Because of strong economic developments, there are many challenges for China regarding environment, energy, transport, health and food. Mr. Manning states that “China is a land of opportunity for innovative Dutch companies. For many sectors such as the semiconductor industry, China needs foreign technology. Government policy can be biased towards local players but there is a lot of budget available for research, development and production.”

For both China and the Netherlands, the semiconductor sector represents a significant part of the domestic innovative ecosystem. The value chain in the Netherlands is one of the globally most competitive, due to a tight interaction between universities, engineering schools and businesses. International talents work together on both established and novel concepts in this industry, where they closely integrate in an international network of excellence.

China is also rapidly ramping up its semiconductor ecosystem based on growing demands and a highly skilled engineering workforce. The Chinese semiconductor industry is increasing domestic production, broadening expertise, and developing domestic design skills. Linking to international partners in order to connect with state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise is crucial.

The 2017 Sino-Dutch International High Level Talent Forum and Summer School on Semiconductor Technologies, which took place at Tsinghua University last week, also emphasized the need and opportunities for further Sino-Dutch cooperation in this field. In projects such as the summer school, but also large technology fairs like CSITF or CES Asia, the Holland Innovation Network plays an important role in connecting the Netherlands and China.