Blog: The importance of legal education for children in Albania

We all know that law is very important in any society. It is a must in order for a society to be peaceful and problem-free. It is essential to have a system of law to regulate a good relationship with each other, even for those with conflicting interests. This is not only important for adults, but also for children. During the last two years, the Albanian Center of Legal Trainings and Studies (ACLTS) organized a series of legal trainings across many schools in Albania. The embassy supported this project through our MATRA Rule of Law program.

One of the courses of ACLTS in Albania.

But why is it important to give children and teenagers legal education? It is important that all children and youth in Albania understand their legal rights, have access to justice and are significant participants in decisions affecting their own lives. This is why ACLTS organizes trainings for children and teenagers. And because we were very curious, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Albania participated in one of the courses for children around the age of 12.

The embassy visited one of the trainings at the “100 Vjetori” High School in Kamëz. The training was given by experts of the Albanian School of Magistrates. It was very interesting to see how much the children learnt about justice and their own rights in such a short time. The training centered around three main topics: minors and civil rights, minors and family law and criminal liability in juvenile cases.

The children did some legal exercises and they gave their own solutions to legal questions. They also used drawings and poetry to express their own perception on legal issues influencing their daily lives. It felt really nice to hear the way that students perceived the law, through their own stories, drawings and poems. At the end of each activity, there was a competition amongst students, where they could use their own way to express themselves about how they understood law. Each presentation was unique and we really appreciated how much the students enjoyed this activity.