Supporting opportunities for the Dutch Creative Industries sector in Latvia

The Creative Industries sector in the Netherlands leads the way in providing innovative solutions to societal challenges. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Latvia aims to enhance business possibilities for the Dutch Creative Industries sector in Latvia.

Our societies face challenges in different areas such as mobility, health, energy and safety. Solutions need to take into account all of these aspects in order to be sustainable. For this reason, innovation and entrepreneurship are necessary within a society.

Innovation and entrepreneurship do not flourish automatically but are dependent on ecosystems in which different actors closely interact within and beyond sectors, where human capital is developed  and resources are available. The Netherlands offers such a flourishing ecosystem. Close cooperation exists between designers, entrepreneurs and researchers, not just as a result of the small distances between our cities, but also as a result of our culture. Dutch education is not just a goal in itself, but a preparation for the future, connecting students with companies and knowledge institutes in strong regional networks.

The Netherlands is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that are useful to society. Solid and innovative research reinforces and validates the impact of the Dutch Creative Industry sector. For example, the Creative Industries sector is well-known for its contributions to social challenges. The Dutch Creative Industries sector is consistently ranked among the top 10 sectors worldwide. The annual turnover of Dutch Creative Industries is more than 7 billion Euro, which is 1.9 percent of the Dutch economy. Well-known inventions such as WiFi, the CD and the DVD are from Dutch companies. There is close cooperation between knowledge institutes, universities and companies. The high-tech sector delivers technical products and services that can be applied in major innovations. Dutch technology therefore, is renowned worldwide for its excellence and ability to meet the challenges faced by society.  

Since Creative Industries is a top sector of the Netherlands, the Embassy aims to enhance business possibilities for the Dutch Creative Industries sector in Latvia. Creative Industries mainly encompasses Design, Architecture and Start-ups.

Concerning the Start-up sector, some events supported by the Embassy can be highlighted. For example, the Embassy supported the Digital Freedom Festival in Riga in November 2016 in which invited Dutch experts shared their knowledge and expertise on how societies can benefit from innovative technologies and digitalization. The Dutch participating experts were: Yuri van Geest, Founder of SingularityU Netherlands; Christoph Auer-Welsbach, Partner Innovation IBM Watson; Mike Reiner, VCI Business Development at Amazon Web Services; and Rune Theill, CEO and co-founder of Rockstart. The Embassy of the Netherlands was also present with the Holland Café concept, a stand at the Digital Freedom Festival,  where Dutch companies and Embassy staff were able to meet and network with festival participants.

In 2017, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Latvia supported the Riga Venture Summit. Dutch expert Yvonne van Hest, Program Director at Brainport Development, was also invited by the Embassy and in her presentation stressed Dutch expertise on talent attraction, (a topical theme for start-ups). The Embassy also supported a Hackaton event held in March 2017 with the experienced participation of Wout Laban, from TQ in Amsterdam. 

The Embassy was also actively  involved in promoting ties between the Netherlands and Latvia in the area of Design and Architecture in 2016 and 2017, and more information on this will be included at a later date, and will also highlight planned activities for the second half of 2017.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Latvia will stay involved in supporting the Creative Industries sector and will keep you posted of future events on our website.