Fruitful Exchange of Ideas Practical Seminar on Cycling Infrastructure Plans with Dutch Cycling Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania

The Royal Netherlands Embassy organised a seminar on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans today at the Vilnius City Hall. The seminar brought to expertise of the Dutch Cycling Embassy to Lithuania, in the form of Ruben Loendersloot and Bas Hendriksen from Loendersloot traffic and mobility. The seminar was be organised in cooperation with the Dutch Cycling embassy, Vilnius Municipality, ME “Susisiekimo paslaugos” and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

As Ruben Loendersloot and Bas Hendriksen from the company Loendersloot Traffic and Mobility which is a member of the Dutch Cycling Embassy stated: Lithuania is full of chances for cycling, there is enough space and distances in urban areas are short. So increasing cycle use is possible, with infrastructure but also with min shift. Making Lithuania to a cycling country doesn’t mean just copying Dutch guidelines and regulations, but use good examples to create an own Lithuanian cycling environment!

The seminar aimed at creating greater awareness amongst architects of the risks for pedestrians and cyclists, especially in complicated situations, such as narrow streets and pedestrian side-walk spaces. The seminar took the form of several interactive sessions and workshops, and was attended by architects and representatives of municipalities throughout Lithuania alike. During the seminar, concrete problems facing architects in Lithuania were discussed and analysed, both during several workshops and speeches, as well as by means of two short field trips in Vilnius.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a public private network that seeks to facilitate cycling worldwide as a modern, efficient and sustainable method of transport. It gathers expertise from all corners of Dutch society, such as private companies, NGO’s, research institutions, national and local governments. In doing so it strives to spread know-how and act as an intermediary between governments, and businesses. Loendersloot Traffic and Mobility is one of the partners in the Dutch Cycling Embassy.

The Netherlands Embassy has been involved in with SUMPs for several years already, with four seminars being organised in Lithuania already. The Embassy stays committed to sharing and exchanging ideas about mobility and continue cooperation on the topic by means of today’s seminar on design, how to deal with narrow spaces, crossings, conflicts with pedestrians and mixed traffic with pedestrians. As representation of the country with the highest bicycle density on the planet, the Netherlands Embassy is keen on spreading expertise and exchanging ideas about cycling and cycling infrastructure.

In anticipation of the seminar, Ruben Loendersloot already visited Vilnius on the 13th and 14th of March and lectured on cycling path planning at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. The lecture was part of the Partners4Value project, within which international companies and experts are invited to work together with students on real-life problems. Following this cooperation between the university and Dutch Cycling Embassy, the students were asked to deliver a presentation in the seminar on their view how the cycling infrastructure should look in Vilnius.