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The Dutch embassy is currently looking for a consular assistant. Send a C.V. and motivation letter before February 1, 2017 to

Job profile

Date: 15/01/2017


Establishment post no.                        :          72169215

Job title                                                :          Consular affairs officer

Mission                                                :          BDP

Job level                                              :          scale 6

Number of hours                               :           37.5


The consular affairs officer is primarily responsible for providing (parts of) consular services as well as logistic clerical support.

The consular affairs officer is responsible for a client friendly and correct functioning consular front office, as well as reception and switchboard tasks. He/she is accountable to the Operation Manager (OM) of the unit for the accuracy of the information provided and the correct application and implementation of the legislation, procedures and instructions in force.

The consular affairs officer cooperates and communicates where necessary with the Operational Manager, the Deputy Head of Mission and the Regional Support Office (RSO) as well as with local authorities on consular matters and information. He/she is the first back up/replacement for the general affairs officer and acts as an integral part of the business support office and works as a backup/replacement for the Operational Manager in the field of consular affairs and ICT issues. 


1. Consular services

2. Logistic clerical support

3. Social media support


B.1.2   TASKS

1. Consular services

  • Dealing with applications for travel documents, consular declarations, visas and authorisations for temporary stay, assessing the various documents, entering the applications in the various computerised systems and issuing travel documents and visas;
  • providing background and other information and issuing guidelines and advice (orally and in writing) on applications for travel documents, visas and authorisations for temporary stay.
  • Entering and filing all relevant documents concerning consular assistance in KOMPAS/Comma. 
  • Assisting the OM with providing consular assistance to Dutch citizens and detainees in close cooperation with the OM (f.e. translation on site).

2. Logistic clerical support

  • Assessing the importance and urgency of incoming correspondence and, on his/her own initiative and at his/her own discretion, appending information that is needed in order to deal with it;
  • keeping consular records by creating, organising, storing, weeding and maintaining physical files and documents.

3. Social media support

  • The necessary consular and general information should be provided to the public by (the consular page of) the embassy’s website and the social media.



  • The consular affairs officer is accountable for the accuracy of the information provided and the lawful application and implementation of the legislation, procedures and instructions in force.
  • Relevant legislation, instructions and guidelines are important to performing duties properly.
  • The consular affairs officer takes decisions about the provision of consular services as well as logistic clerical support.



  • With third parties, to obtain and provide information on the content and progress of clerical processing of cases;
  • with ministerial and interministerial agencies/institutions (including the Consular Affairs and Migration Policy Department (DCV) and the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)) both in The Netherlands and in Hungary to provide or obtain further information.



  • Knowledge of applicable legislation, internal clerical procedures, work instructions and formal rules on competence and procedures, as well as the organisation’s duties, structure and way of working;
  • knowledge of general principles of policy concerning migration and consular affairs;
  • skill in creating and keeping files;
  • skill in providing information on implementing legislation and procedures;
  • knowledge of the relevant computerised and other systems, including Dam/RD, BRP, VFS, Kompas/Comma, E-payment and Sophia, and skill in using them;
  • social and communication skills.



  • Client orientation: takes account of the client’s needs and interests
  • Ability to communicate orally: Speaks intelligibly and correctly
  • Ability to work with others: works with others to achieve a common goal
  • Empathy: takes account of other’s needs, feelings, background
  • Flexibility: adapts goal / approach if circumstances require



  • Secondary vocational level (MBO)

  • Some experience is preferred.

  • Skill in creating and keeping files (Sophia-digital archiving system).
  • Skill in providing information on implementing legislation and procedures.
  • Affinity for ICT matters (website, social media) and basic knowledge in that field.
  • Skill in speaking to telephone callers
  • Skill in speaking to visitors / clients / applicants



The Embassy is an independent organisational unit, that consists of 15 staff members; 11 locally employed staff members and 4 expatriate staff members.

The Embassy has implemented a “one-team” strategy. The objective of the one team strategy is that the policy staff members and the business support office of the Embassy cooperate as one operational team, carrying out a variety of projects in a number of project teams. The one team comprises of flexible and multi-employable team-members, each of which maintains her/his field of specialization.



The consular affairs officer is in many cases the first contact for the embassy and therefore it is of great importance to have a friendly, customer focussed and positive attitude. In view of the diversity of the job the consular affairs officer is a flexible and pro-active person who has the ability to react to – and solve problems in a pragmatic way. She/he works well under pressure and has a high degree of social intelligence, which will enable him/her to develop excellent working relations with both internal as external counterparts of the Embassy and consular customers in particular.

The consular officer is a team worker with affinity for consular matters and knowledge in that particular field. She/he speaks and writes Hungarian and English and preferably Dutch as well or is willing to learn Dutch. He/she is open for investment in the development of her/his abilities to perform her/his tasks well and prepare himself/herself for new tasks if they are added to her/his portfolio.



The organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy is undergoing major changes which may have an impact on the office in general and the supportive team in particular. These changes require a positive and creative attitude of the people working in the team in order to make these changes a success.



Further information may be obtained from:

Elzo Molenberg / Deputy Head of Mission

Netherlands Embassy Budapest

Telephone: 0036-1-3366300