Meet and Greet Luncheon 24 October 2016

NFIA and Embassy host welcoming session

On 24 October 2016 the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, co-hosted by Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) organized a MEET AND GREET  luncheon to welcome the  designate - Ambassador to Malaysia; Karin Mossenlechner.  Guests were introduced to Ms. Mossenlechner and  the  twenty odd guests were treated to an insightful talk on the  ease of doing business in the  Netherlands, the  attractiveness of the Dutch   fiscal climate and  an update on the  recent developments in  Europe and  how  they impact current and  potential investors. Presentations were  delivered by Mr. Elmar Bouma, Executive Director of SEA NFIA, Dr Frederik Boulogne of PWC and Dr. Omar Salah from the legal firm; De Brauw Blackstone  Westbroek.  

Lunch followed and guests were  treated to a sumptuous spread of local delights.  Business acquaintances were made,  networks  connected. Overall a successful event!