Orange Factory Closing Ceremony, 7 October 2016

After three intense weeks of hard work, but also of inspiring lectures, developing newfound friendships, and a range of fun as well as educational activities, the third edition of Orange ASEAN Factory came to an end on Friday 7 October in Kuala Lumpur.

During the closing session at Menara Shell the seven Orange Factory teams, who had each been assigned a business case at the start of the program, got the chance to present their consultancy reports to an audience of regional ambassadors, guest lecturers, and of course their clients. Client companies for this edition included MNCs such as Heineken, Unilever, and Shell, smaller companies and social enterprises such as FunkyJunk and 2Sherpa, and the Dutch government. Theme of this edition was circular economy, and the business cases were chosen accordingly. From reducing emissions from product transport, to creating a viable business model for recycled products: all seven cases contribute to the transition into more efficient and circular business cycles.

As the business cases represent issues that client companies are trying to solve in real life, the pressure to deliver quality reports is high in Orange ASEAN, and the time span of three weeks creates some constraint. Yet with professional guidance from their mentors and sustainability professionals, each of the seven teams managed to produce a solid report. In fact, one participant was even offered to come over to Singapore after the program and do some more work for her client company. ‘Hard work pays off’ is most definitely applicable to this edition of Orange Factory!

In addition to delivering impressive consultancy work, Orange ASEAN is a unique opportunity for young professionals and students from the Netherlands and ASEAN countries to get to know and learn from each other. The 24 participants of this edition represented ASEAN and Dutch nationalities as well as diverse professional backgrounds, which ranged from cognitive science, to physics, to programmer. Working together so intensely for three weeks led to the emergence of new friendships and to the group becoming very close. Resembling a real ‘factory’, the group had teams assigned to sort out social activities, arrange transport to and from places, and even had a designated photographer.

The Embassy was happy to be host to this talented group of people and their coaches of the Rock Group, who developed the program in collaboration with the Dutch ambassador to Singapore Jaap Werner, for the past three weeks. We would like to thank everyone who was in any way involved in the program for their hard work and energy spent, and we are looking forward to seeing the results of the case work implemented! We will be updating on this.

Next edition of Orange ASEAN Factory will be held in Singapore in 2017.

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