Start of Orange ASEAN Factory 19 September

19 September, Kuala Lumpur: Official opening of Orange ASEAN Factory at Menara Shell

Ambassador to Singapore and Orange ASEAN Project Leader Jaap Werner

After months of preparation in both Amsterdam and KL, the third edition of Orange ASEAN Factory finally saw the light of life this morning! This intensive three week workshop provides the opportunity for 25 selected students and young professionals from the Netherlands and ASEAN countries to work on sustainable business cases that are brought in by a number of client companies. After two successful previous editions in Bangkok, it is now up to KL to deliver a productive program. Theme of this edition is the transition to Circular Economy, and accordingly the business cases address issues such as resource depletion, ineffective waste management, or inefficient production processes.

Our ambassador and Orange ASEAN project leader Jaap Werner, ambassador to Malaysia Karin Mössenlechner and The Rock Group partner Bertus Tulleners warmly welcomed the participants and other attendants with opening speeches that touched upon the need for sustainable innovation in the light of the UN SDGs, the importance of Netherlands-ASEAN collaboration, and the rationale behind Orange Factory. After this, the OF participants got their first pressure cooker assignment: they were divided into their teams of three or four students, presented with the specific case that they will be working on during the coming three weeks, and then told that they had 30 minutes to scope their case and work out a one-minute pitch to present to the rest of the group and OF clients and partners that were present. Considering that this was not an easy task, the resulting pitches showed that the OF participants are a of group highly motivated, quick thinking, and talented students and young professionals that are eager to take on today’s global sustainability challenges.

Orange Factory Opening Group Photo

First case briefings and pitch preparations

After a brief lunch break the students went on with introductions and a start on their case work, guided by the Rock Group consultants. The client companies do expect value, as was subtly mentioned by Rock Group Partner Bertus in his welcoming speech, so the participants will be working hard in the next three weeks to complete and present a full consultancy report by the end of the program. Some cases will already be presented on 5 October during IGEM 2016, and on 6 October at the Dutch MSA Awards.That said, the participants were encouraged by all three speakers to have fun, to enjoy Orange Factory and their time in KL, and to take this opportunity to build new friendships. This morning’s opening showed every promising sign of a fruitful program, so we are looking forward to seeing what the coming weeks will bring!

We will be posting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so stay tuned to see what the Orange Factory is up to!