08 October Webinar: Green Health Care

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The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Toronto, in partnership with Canada Circular Hotspot, is organizing a webinar series called “Making the Circular Economy Real”. These webinars will continue throughout 2020 and 2021, with the third one being organized with the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care on October 8, themed "Green Health Care". 

The Circular Economy is a way for us to better manage our resources, continually extracting and replenishing their value and keeping them within the economy. While the concept is large and nebulous it can and has been made concrete and real. The Netherlands is recognized as a leader in the implementation of circular economy concepts and in balancing our impact on the environment while maintaining a strong economy.

Webinar 3: Green Health Care

In this 3rd webinar, our speakers will share their insights and experiences around how new challenges have an impact on the health care system's sustainability principles and practices. Clearly, patient care is the primary aim of this sector but as we adopt to the 'new normal' is it possible to regain a broader focus on the environment as well? 


  • Lieke van Kerkhoven, Floow2
  • Marianne Dawson, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Eric Pothion, Philips

The session will be moderated by Neil Ritchie, Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care.

Neil Ritchie - CCGHC

Neil Ritchie is the Executive Director of the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care. Previously, he led the Green Health Leaders Initiative for the Coalition which focused on enabling physician leaders, health executives and board members to become better environmental stewards.

Neil is an experienced health care executive who has worked as a hospital CEO, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of large, multi-site academic teaching centers, regional health authorities and community hospitals in Canada. He was also founder of the Faculty of Medicine’s Business Development Office at Dalhousie University and has led several health technology start-up companies. Neil holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Dalhousie and a Masters in Health Services Administration from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Alberta. He is based in Halifax.

Lieke van Kerkhoven - Floow2

Lieke van Kerkhoven co-founded FLOOW2 Healthcare, the first sharing marketplace for healthcare organizations to share equipment, services, facilities, knowledge and skills within or between organizations. Starting in 2012, she has been driving the global change towards a circular economy by bringing the innovative concept of sharing to the healthcare sector.

Lieke has a professional background in healthcare. She studied medicine and has been working in several managerial and organizational positions in healthcare organizations in The Netherlands and abroad for 10 years. She experienced first-hand how much organizations can benefit from sharing their assets, in the first place financially, but certainly also socially and environmentally.

Marianne Dawson - Vancouver Coastal Health

Marianne Dawson works as a Sustainability Consultant in the Energy and Environmental Sustainability department, supporting the four Lower Mainland Health Organizations: Fraser Health, Providence Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health. She specializes in waste reduction and recycling strategies, programs, and projects to reduce the environmental impact of health care operations and improve the resiliency of health care facilities for human and environmental health. 

Marianne focuses on data collection and analysis, research and special projects, and staff education and engagement as tools to bring about lasting organizational change.

Eric Pothion - Philips

Eric Pothion has been working in the Healthcare industry for 22 years in Europe and North America with Sales and Marketing experience with Critikon Ltd, GE Healthcare and Draeger Medical.  In 2015, he continued his career with Philips Canada as a Senior Marketing Manager supporting the entire Healthcare Systems portfolio. 

Eric specializes in digital marketing and launches new products and solutions in the Canadian Market. He is also eager to share his passion for sustainability and the evolution of Circular Economy. As a Philips Sustainability Ambassador, Eric leads transformation initiative partnerships to achieve Philips’ ambitious environmental and social objectives.

What you will learn

  • How the health care sector continues to use circular economy principles to guide its work during the pandemic
  • Examples of health care circular economy initiatives in Canada and the Netherlands
  • Steps to help your organization develop and deploy circular procurement
  • Examples of tools that can be used to help with this process

About the webinar series

Our key objectives for organizing the webinars include increasing participant knowledge, expanding networks, showing the circular economy in real world action and inspiring the development of new circular economy projects in Ontario and across Canada.

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