20 June Exhibition: Metropolis

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  • Location Erasmus Huis
Image: ©Martin Roemers / Martin Roemers

In Metropolis photo exhibition, Martin Roemers exposes the often confronting contrasts between wealth and poverty and between ancient cultural habits and new techniques. He presents the reality of so many people living so closely together; the filth, the crowds, the inventiveness and an endlessly complex community. He is the classic traveling photographer living in a new world in a permanent condition of change. His works speak with wonder about places that one can probably never really know, even if one visits them a thousand times.

Metropolis is a report of his travels to mega-cities with over 10 million citizens. He sought out a great number of these metropolises, ranging from New York City to Jakarta. He aims his lens at the interaction between the masses and the individual and on those little moments of ritualistic silence found in the turbulent dynamics of a overflowing cultural melting pot.

Opening date    :  20 June 2019, 19:30

Exhibition dates : 20 June – 23 July 2019