Vacancy for Rule of Law Officer - Tirana

Role: Local Senior Policy Officer Rule of Law  
Organisation: Netherlands Embassy in Tirana
Level of position: 08
Work week: 40 hours
Starting Date: Q4 2022


  • The rule of law forms the backbone of common EU values. Strengthening rule of law across the Western Balkans is therefore one of the priorities within the EU accession process. Under the fundamentals first approach, both Chapter 23 (Judiciary and Fundamental Rights) and Chapter 24 (Justice, Freedom and Security) of the European acquis have been placed at the very heart of this process. The Netherlands attaches great importance to a functioning Rule of Law as a precondition for countries joining the EU.
  • Reflecting the importance the Netherlands attaches to rule of law, in 2014 a Regional Rule of Law Network was created, consisting of local policy officers at the Dutch embassies in the region. The network is coordinated by a diplomat, the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator, based in Belgrade.
  • The network closely follows rule of law developments in the Albania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, defines national and regional trends and reports on those in concise, high quality reports to colleagues at the ministries in The Hague and the Dutch EU Permanent Representation in Brussels. The network contributes to policy discussions on Dutch foreign policy in the Western Balkans. The network also manages a project portfolio through the Dutch MATRA programme, addressing persistent rule of law challenges in the region. It is expected that the policy officer comes with creative, new ideas for possible projects.
  • The senior policy officer at embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana is responsible for Albania. This means closely monitoring rule of law developments in the country. Concretely, this entails information gathering, analysing, reporting and networking in the area of rule of law, democratization, anti-corruption, human rights, and the fight against corruption and organised crime.
  • This requires an excellent network. In addition, the officer is expected to contribute to the network’s activities and responsibilities as mentioned above. The officer will participate in regional activities of the regional network (online meetings, regional gatherings and meeting in the Netherlands) and where necessary, support the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator logistically and administratively. He/she will visit Albania on a regular basis, where the officer will be responsible for his programme.
  • The  senior policy officer will work under the instructions of the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator as well as the (deputy) Head of Mission (HoM), taking into account the division of labour and tasks at the embassy.


  • Acting as focal point for the Regional Rule of Law Network at the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tirana, under the guidance of the (deputy) Head of Mission;
  • Being a member of the Regional Rule of Law Network, you will perform tasks requested by the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator in Belgrade, in close consultation with the (deputy) HoM; 
  • Analysing and monitoring developments related to legislation, institutions, civil society, EU and international organisations relevant to the promotion of the Rule of Law;
  • Analysing and monitoring developments in relation to the broader concept of Rule of Law, in close cooperation with the other policy staff members at the embassy. In particular those themes which are high on the political agenda and prioritised by The Netherlands: independence of the judiciary, human rights, anti-corruption, media, and the fight against corruption and organized crime;
  • Submitting relevant information and policy input in the aforementioned policy fields about Albania to all relevant stakeholders at the ministries in The Hague, embassies in the region, Dutch Permanent representation to the EU and, where necessary, also to representatives of civil society and like-minded diplomatic missions in Tirana;
  • Preparing briefings, speaking notes, background notes, speeches, and drafting of reports on these topics;
  • Contribute to regional products (i.e. cables, reports, assessments, etc.);
  • Active contribution to the strategic development and overall functioning of the regional RoL network.
  • Building and maintaining a professional network with local and Dutch institutions, civil society and international organisations in the field of Rule of Law in the broader sense;
  • Representing the Embassy within the scope of his/her responsibilities and assignments in Rule of Law, justice sector and human rights related meetings, workshops, briefings, coordination meetings and conferences;
  • Active participation within the Regional Rule of Law Network, under programmatic coordination of the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator in Belgrade.
  • Support to Regional Rule of Law Coordinator, such as design and organizing at least two visits per year, provide relevant information and timely and concise drafting of reports after the visits.
  • Setting up of events in the framework of his/her responsibilities and when necessary helping in the organization of various embassy events.
  • Attending meetings and reporting on them in the framework of the general embassy responsibilities.
  • Support and replace the HoM, Deputy HoM, or the regional Rule of Law expert, upon their request.
  • Initiating and managing new and creative projects. This entails preparing all relevant documents and following the approval, implementation and finalization of projects under the Dutch MATRA fund. Preparing relevant documents for Public Diplomacy activities, when related to Rule of Law.
  • Proactively promote Dutch participation in IPA/Twinnings and other peer-to-peer opportunities for Dutch implementing organizations.


The Senior Policy Officer Rule of Law will function as part of a regional network of Rule of Law experts, co-ordinated by the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator in Belgrade, in close consultation with the (deputy) Head of Mission. The Senior Policy Officer will work ‘double-hatted’: for the Regional Rule of Law Coordinator in Belgrade, hierarchically placed under the Head of Mission of the Dutch Embassy in Tirana.

Within the network, close collaboration between all members is a necessity in order to fulfil the core tasks assigned to the network. Fostering rule of law is a core task of the network and the embassy in Tirana, to assist Albania on its way to European integration, with a primary focus on the key priorities identified by the EU: human rights, judicial reform, anti-corruption, organised crime and public administration reform. Promoting rule of law is thus a shared responsibility of all policy staff and close cooperation, information sharing and teamwork is a must.

The Embassy in Tirana has 18 staff members in total including a seconded Dutch Police Officer, a Belgian co-locating Benelux police-officer and her assistant, a seconded Belgian diplomat, and soon a Dutch migration liaison officer.


Knowledge and areas of experience:

  • University degree in law, political science or a closely related field, with a broad interest in topics such as constitutional, European, international and criminal law.
  • Knowledge and experience of the Albanian governance and justice sector and proven willingness to learn about this. Capable of putting these developments in broader context, such as EU enlargement.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills. A writing test we be part of the selection process.
  • Networker: establishes and maintains contacts in a broad field of stakeholders and relevant actors.
  • Creativity: Capable of thinking out-of-the-box, coming with new ideas and concepts.
  • Team player: maintains a positive, constructive attitude and understands that our work is a group effort that can only succeed if everyone takes responsibility for their part.
  • Good computer and information technology skills.
  • Good knowledge of Albanian and English, also in writing.
  • Experience with social media is a plus.
  • Minimum 5 years relevant recent work experience.

Brief description of the type of employee required:

  • He/she should be able to work in a team and should have a flexible attitude, willing to take on a wide variety of tasks.
  • He/she should have knowledge and experience with Rule of Law, good governance, and human rights.
  • The Senior Policy Officer should be pro-active and willing to travel to the Netherlands as well as in the region.
  • He/she should not only have country-specific knowledge, but also the ability to place those developments in Albania in a broader context, taking into account Dutch interests.


  • Initiative
  • Analytical skills
  • Ability to network
  • Integrity
  • Writing skills
  • Ability to work with others
  • Result orientation
  • Client orientation
  • Organizational awareness


Please send you application no later than 18 September 2022 to indicating you are applying for the vacancy of Senior Policy Officer Rule of Law.

Send us a letter of motivation in English and a CV using the following template:

You may be invited for an interview and a writing test at the embassy.