Opportunities in the Horticultural Sector in Sri Lanka

Agriculture in Sri Lanka is one of the sectors which has been given a prominent focus for a number of years where paddy cultivation is identified as the most important crop. However, over the years the horticulture sector which includes fruits and vegetables has been gaining significant prominence and is a major contributor to the overall agriculture sector. Sri Lanka’s ability to grow a variety of fruits and vegetable crops year round under different climatic zones has led to a keen interest both locally and internationally to further develop this sector due to the identified high potential. In recent times the potential and interest for the horticulture sector has intensified due to government policy and the Covid pandemic.

This report presented for the purpose of all stakeholders in the Dutch horticulture sector outlines the current situation and gap analysis of the Sri Lankan horticulture sector with a particular focus on various recommendations on the areas in which Dutch private sector companies can engage with the Sri Lankan horticulture sector.