Textile Waste in Mainland China

The textile industry has long been one of pillars of China’s economy, accounting for a significant market share globally and domestically. The Chinese government takes notice of the pressure on environment and natural resources brought by the textile industry and the unsustainable disposal of millions tons of textile waste. In 2013, China’s State Council released the national policy, requiring 10 industries, among which the textile industry, to develop a circular value chain.

This report gives an overview of the current (circular) management of post-consumer textile waste in Mainland China and shares business insights of key players in this industry, highlighting useful circular examples to show opportunities and possibilities.

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W), in cooperation with RVO and the Dutch government network in China, likes to support companies that are interested to (become) active in this field. For further discussions and inquiries, please contact Mr. Maurits Boomars (maurits.boomars@minienw.nl) in the Netherlands.